Hygiene360 offers a broad product portfolio of hand disinfectants, high-performance surface disinfectants, ready-to-use wipes, high-quality instrument disinfectants, effective suction units, and dental impressions disinfectants, and cleaners.


All the products can serve the dental, medical, veterinary hospitality, beauty and wellness, and nursing industries. The products range from ready-to-use surface disinfectants, ready-to-use wipes, disinfectant and cleaner concentrates, and ready-to-use solutions for instruments, hand disinfectants, suction unit cleaner and disinfectants, and impression disinfectants.  Hygiene360 also offers dosing aids, applications, and accessories to ensure the exact dosage and efficient use for the products is effectively applied. Hygiene360 emphasizes hygiene measures with a broad effective spectrum and short exposure times. All the products have excellent material compatibility, are aldehyde and phenol-free.


  1. Choosing the correct disinfectant in the present times would require determining the purpose of usage of the disinfectant. For daily and frequent use, the application area would need to be determined. It is good to take note that the application areas can vary from hands to medical surfaces, instruments, and specific areas. A broad range of products are developed for designated application areas and use a color-coding system. The disinfectant, when used on the wrong application area, may not work as intended. It can create considerable risk for the materials in practice and the people exposed to the disinfectant.
  2. The spectrum of effectiveness. Ensuring that the disinfectant offers a broad spectrum of effectiveness is an absolute requirement. With industries having different requirements, a good hygiene plan is advised as it would contain reliable information regarding the effectiveness of the disinfectant and its intended use.
  3. A contact time of a disinfectant is important as it is listed clearly on the product  following valid EN standards. It must be strictly observed as it validates the effectiveness of the disinfectant.
  4. Material compatibility needs to be taken into consideration as chemical substances have reactions on different materials. With expensive medical instruments and equipment, disinfectants and cleaning products are required to provide clear instructions on material compatibility.
  5. The hygiene measures in the area of practice and selecting a good product that is from a trustworthy and professional manufacturer would be added assurance.
  6. It is important to ensure that the disinfectant product is certified and conforms to guidelines, regulatory standards, and norms.
  7. The chemical composition of the disinfectant is in its quality. Some chemical substances are better than others at eliminating microorganisms. Avoid toxic substances as they can seriously harm people and the environment.

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