Hand Hygiene Products

Our comprehensive solution to hand hygiene, disinfection, and skin protection for people who care.

  • Disinfection

  • Gloves

High-quality hand disinfectants with an effective spectrum for all skin types that is rich in moisturizers, vitamin E, and anti-aging properties for healthcare professionals.

  • PROSEPT® Gel

    PROSEPT® Gel

    Hydroalcoholic gel for the hygienic (30 seconds) and surgical (90 seconds) hand disinfection.

    Contains Anti-aging IngredientsFully Virucidal

Ergonomically designed gloves to provide comfort and protection to healthcare professionals when administering care.

  • OROCLEAN® Nitrile Gloves

    OROCLEAN® Nitrile Gloves

    Ergonomically engineered, powder- and latex-free nitrile examination gloves for maximum protection against germs, punctures and chemicals. Non-sterile.

  • OROCLEAN® Latex Gloves

    OROCLEAN® Latex Gloves

    Very thin, tear-resistant and powder-free latex examination gloves for unprecedented comfort and precise handling. Fit either hand. Non-sterile.