Hand Hygiene Products

Our comprehensive solution to hand hygiene, disinfection, and skin protection for people who care.

  • Disinfection

  • Cleansing

  • Gloves

High-quality hand disinfectants with an effective spectrum for all skin types that is rich in moisturizers, vitamin E, and anti-aging properties for healthcare professionals.

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  • PROSEPT® Gel

    PROSEPT® Gel

    Hydroalcoholic gel for the hygienic (30 seconds) and surgical (90 seconds) hand disinfection.

    Contains Anti-aging IngredientsFully Virucidal

Mild liquid hand soap to preserve skin moisture balance when used frequently by healthcare professionals.

Dental chairsLunch roomToilet (bowls)

Ergonomically designed gloves to provide comfort and protection to healthcare professionals when administering care.

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  • OROCLEAN® Nitrile Gloves

    OROCLEAN® Nitrile Gloves

    Ergonomically engineered, powder- and latex-free nitrile examination gloves for maximum protection against germs, punctures and chemicals. Non-sterile.

  • OROCLEAN® Latex Gloves

    OROCLEAN® Latex Gloves

    Very thin, tear-resistant and powder-free latex examination gloves for unprecedented comfort and precise handling. Fit either hand. Non-sterile.