Suction Units, Impression Disinfectants and Cleaners

Gentle yet powerful disinfectants and cleaners for suction units and dental impressions.

  • Dental Impression

  • Suction Units

A disinfectant formulation that offers efficient cleaning and has dimensional stability with 6 material compatibility. All disinfectants are free of aldehydes.

Dental Impressions

Disinfectant and cleaner concentrate solutions that are aldehyde and phenol-free. The formulated solutions have high material compatibility. The solutions are foam-free.

Suction Units
  • PROSEPT® Jet Forte

    PROSEPT® Jet Forte

    Liquid concentrate for the thorough cleaning of dental suction units.

    Powerful CleanserSimple Application
  • PROSEPT® Jet D

    PROSEPT® Jet D

    Powerful liquid concentrate for the disinfection and cleaning of dental suction units.

    Simple Application