PROSEPT® Impression Soaking Tray

Soaking tray for the disinfection and cleaning of dental impressions.

The PROSEPT® Impression Soaking Tray is used for the manual immersion disinfection and cleaning of dental impressions. The third generation soaking tray offers more benefits and features than any other soaking tray currently available on the market. The improved soaking tray not only comes with a hinged lid but also with an embedded stainless steel metal plate for attaching a timer. More importantly, the soaking tray simplifies the preparation of the disinfecting solution. It features unique volume markings on the inner sieve that are easily visible from the top.


Five reliable advantages that will convince you to use PROSEPT® Impression Soaking Tray.

HOW TO USE PROSEPT® Impression Soaking Tray

PROSEPT® Impression Soaking Tray is so handy, you can get to disinfecting in no time.

HOW TO USE PROSEPT® Impression Soaking Tray

Pour PROSEPT® Impression into the PROSEPT® Impression Soaking Tray. Place your dental impressions on the removable sieve and carefully put inside the soaking tray. Close the lid tightly. Place timer on the metal plate embedded on the lid. Observe the contact time. Once completed, remove the sieve and rinse your dental impressions. You are good to use the disinfected and cleaned instruments.


PROSEPT® Impression Soaking Tray comes in a 1 litre size for your convenience.

  • PROSEPT® Impression Soaking Tray (1 litre)


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