Hygiene360 – Choosing the Right Disinfectant in Combating COVID-19

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Thousands of individuals worldwide have been affected by the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 ever since its earliest outbreak at an exotic seafood market in Wuhan, China which left nothing but devastating news daily. There is no absolute cure for respiratory illness. Thus, taking necessary measures such as social distancing and disinfecting hands as well as frequently touched surfaces will help to break the chain of infection.


Buying disinfectant products is not a tough decision for most people as there are plenty of readily accessible disinfectant products on the market. However, do note that consumers should not choose products just because they are cheap as some components may be overlooked or compromised to cut costs. As a manufacturer that has been developing disinfectants for more than 40 years, we take pride in providing infection control products that are efficient and cost-effective for our consumers.


In times like these, consumers like you may also be relying on us for recommendations apart from those given by your local healthcare providers. We are aware of our role amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, therefore we have gathered some important factors of an effective disinfectant product for you to check out.


1. Adequate Antimicrobial Claims

Disinfectant manufacturers are responsible when making antimicrobial claims for the intended area of use as stated in EN 14885:2018. Surface disinfectants and hand hygiene products that are fully virucidal would be advantageous during the pandemic as a single-use could reduce 99.99% of the strongest non-enveloped viruses like Murine Norovirus and Poliovirus. Fret not, PROSEPT has a wide range of fully virucidal products. Be sure to check which suits you best here.


2. Short Exposure Times

Being able to disinfect swiftly frees you to spend the rest of your time doing the things you love. Besides, brief exposure to chemicals reduces risks of skin irritability and discomfort during disinfection processes. At HYGIENE360, we consider our products to work faster than Bolt with zero compromises on their efficiency. For example, tests on our alcohol-based PROSEPT Wipes have proven to kill 101 microorganisms within just 60 seconds. Impressed? Check our distributor list to find one near you now!


3. Legitimate Certification of Manufacturer

The ISO 13485:2016 certification allows medical device manufacturers to prove that their quality management systems are efficient, consistent, and safe by their design, development, production, manufacturing, or any other processes under the scope. For buyers, the certification eliminates the fear of purchasing products made by dodgy manufacturers. Rest assured that HYGIENE360 is ISO 13485:2016 certified by DNV GL. Click to download our certificates here.


4. Widest Material Compatibility

Materials and surfaces undergoing disinfection processes should be able to withstand chemical disinfectants without being damaged or discolored. Make sure to check that the list of materials or surfaces is compatible with the product that you intend to buy. Pssst, did you know our PROSEPT Wipes are compatible with 275 materials? Whether it is your mobile phone, workspace, or even your beloved leather chair, we’ve certainly got you covered.


5. Availability of Instruction for Use (IFU)

Instruction for Use or IFU contains the recommended usage for products of all forms: Ready-To-Use or Concentrated in either powder or liquid form. Clear instructions allow users to disinfect effectively and confidently. Our IFUs, available in more than 20 languages, are found conveniently attached to the product itself.


We would highly encourage and recommend consumers to choose disinfectant products that meet all the above-mentioned factors for a more efficient and risk-free disinfection process. After all, keeping yourself and your families safe should be of top priority.

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